Software Products


Suitable for all type of restaurants such as QSR, TSR, Food courts, Cafeterias, Hotels etc.


Suitable for Supermarkets, Grocery shops, Traders, Textiles /Garment , Medical shops etc.


Suitable for Supermarkets, traders, textile, warehouses etc. Stock (in-out) tracking and maintenance.


Provides complete Apartment Management Solution for residential and commercial complexes.

About Us

Oligosoft Corp is an IT Solution provider which has been widely acknowledged for its domain expertise in hardware and software design and development. The same is reflected by its success with their premium customers that includes large government and public sector organisations and universities at a global level.

We feel it is not enough to deliver only what the market is asking for, today. Our success lies in having the ability to be one step ahead and be able to develop what the market needs. To do this, we are continually tracking the latest trends both inside and outside the industry and developing solutions that will keep our customers ahead of the competition with exciting cost effective solutions.

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